Monday, November 19, 2012

Goal Before End of November

One more post before I go to bed! I have been tracking my monthly pageviews and would like to say "Wow!" :) Improvement, motivation, dedication. That's all it takes. I created this blog near the end of July and look where I am now!

July 2012 - 15 pageviews
August - 117
September - 472
October - 723

Notice how I surpass the previous month with even more views? I have a little less than two more weeks and I need to beat October with 200 more pageviews! I have about 530 for November right now, as I am typing. 

My personal goal is to beat the previous month's pageviews. It means I am improving every single month and that's a great feeling. 

What are your blog goals?


  1. Good luck! I'm going to recommend your blog to my friends :-) Have you thought about getting business cards? I have some that I ordered from vistaprint, and they really do help me get more pageviews.

    And you know what my blog goals are, hehe...

  2. Aw, thank you Lainey! <3 Tehe, you're the bestttt :) Who do you give your business cards to? I'm pretty sure I can get mine for lots cheaper, since I have connections, hehehehe.

  3. I give out my business cards to pretty much everyone: my friends, my doctors, aunts, cousins, etc. EVERYBODY. The funny thing is, everybody actually checks it! I think mine were about $12 for 250 cards. They have free ones, though, where you just pay shipping. :)

  4. Oh okay. I think I can get mine for free because my mom works at one of those printing shops :P

    And I'm not ready to do that yet because I want to take my blog much farther than where it is now. I want it to be the best I can make it to be before showing it to my family and friends. Like, I would bake a cake and only show it to them if I'm satisfied, right? I'm not satisfied with my blog yet; I feel there is much more to be done.

    But your blog is different! Your purpose is to talk about beauty products. I don't really have a purpose so I think it's harder for me to get readers. I go all over the place. Sometimes I do reviews, sometimes I just talk about myself, lol.


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