• Kindle Fire HD - changed mind, don't want anymore!
  • Handmade Leather Journal - or any cute journal, really :) CHECK
  • So Totally Clean Everyday Cleanser Sensitive Formula - hopefully I can visit an Ulta store soon!
  • Boots. I love boots! But unfortunately, I only own two pairs... and one is breaking apart! I love the "riding boot" style <3
  • A watch. Classic white watches are just so gorgeous. I've seen some on Macys.com, but they're so expensive! One day, when I become rich...
  • A really good hair mask or treatment. I'm tired of dry hair :( Any recommendations?
  • A really nice set of makeup brushes. I have a few from E.L.F and a small set from CVS. 
  • Socks! Lots and lots of cute socks! :D
  • "Once Upon a Time" Season One
  • "Once Upon a Time" Season Two (when it comes out!)
  • Tea tree oil CHECK
  • An external hard drive.

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