Friday, November 30, 2012

Leelou Blogs

Finally, I have found a blog template I like! This one's from Leelou Blogs. There are lots of cute, free templates for two- and three- column blogs under the "Freebies" tab at the top :) Not sure how to install a template? Look for easy instructions below each template. Here's what I did:

1. Download the file from Leelou Blogs
2. Open it (it should open in the Notepad app)
3. Copy the HTML code
4. In Blogger, go to "Template"
5. Click "Edit HTML"
6. Erase any existing HTML codes and paste the new one
7. Hit "Save"

-- If you are happy with the fonts and colors, you are done! If not, continue on to the next few steps:

8. On the "Template" page, click on "Customize"
9. On the left, you should find: Template, Background, Adjust Widths, Layout, and Advanced
10. Under "Advanced," you can change the fonts and colors on your new blog template! :)
11. After adjusting everything to your liking, hit the orange "Apply to blog" button on the top right-hand corner

And there you have it :) What do you think of my new template?

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