Monday, November 19, 2012

Spiders + Lavender?

Much more. And at a faster rate. But this time, they're different from those nasty bedbug bites. For the past week, I have been getting lots of new bites and I have been scratching my upper arms nonstop. I want to say they are spider bites because they are pretty common and I only notice new bites when I wake up. These recent bites are extremely irritating and itchy, but they fade after two or three days. Last night, I did some research on spider bites. I'm really glad I know my bites do not come from poisonous critters at least, or else I could be vomiting or laying in bed with a fever. No good, since I just got better from my little cold or flu. I did not want to buy a bug spray or anything of the sort because I don't want to sleep in chemicals! Or breathe it. I then started to look for more natural ways to repel spiders. Hopefully my problem is spiders. Otherwise, I have no idea what else could be biting me.

Some people claimed spiders do not like the scent of citrus, chestnuts, or lavender. I don't have any citrus-y scented products and I would just eat the chestnuts, haha. I did find some lavender stuff! I found a candle, an air freshener, and my roommate lent me her lavender lotion. I personally cannot smell the lavender too much. It makes my head hurt, but I desperately need to get rid of any living creature in my apartment if they are not part of the human species. An exception will be made for my basil and forget-me-nots, tehe.

I put the candle and air freshener near my pillow and rubbed the lavender lotion on my ankles and neck area to prevent spiders from attacking my two most vulnerable spots. So far, it's my upper arms that are scarred with dozens of bites. I really do hope spiders despise lavender as much as I do. And it better be spiders. I can't think of any other bugs that like to feed on sleeping humans.

Goodnight! Have a fantastic Monday :)

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