About Me

Hello, my name is Emmy and this is my personal blog! I created this blog July 2012; I've always liked arts + crafts (including designing things) and writing, so a blog is perfect! I also have a tumblr. I was born in California, United States and  I am currently in college. I am trying to major in Health Science with a concentration in Health Services Administration. Hopefully, I will get into the program soon!

I like all kinds of food. Eating and napping are my favorite hobbies at home! Along with playing games and watching movies. I also love to go hiking and to travel. I love animals and the environment; I'm a big recycler. And one day, I will install solar panels on my house - everyone, including me, dreams of a big, beautiful house in the future. I'm a cat-person, but I love dogs too.

I tend to be shy and quiet, but I do have a very... talkative, giggly, energetic side! I don't have a favorite color, but I do like pastel colors. What else is there to know about me?

Oh, and I'm in love <3

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