Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

I am sitting in my cousin's living room right now! I finally got my pizza and now I'm just relaxing and watching TV :) Today was a pretty hectic day. I had a test first thing in the morning and it was actually harder than previous tests.

-- Okay, I just took a minute and checked online to see if my test was graded. I got a 88%, missing only three points. We had three previous tests before and I missed only one point on each one of them. One missed point means 96%.

After my communications test, I had English class. While I was waiting for the clock to hit 10:30, I added my spring semester classes to my online shopping cart. Good thing we got out of English early. I was scheduled to be part of an experiment at 12.

The experiment was for psychology and it was... terrifying. I was stuck in a little room by myself most of the time either spitting into a plastic tube (saliva samples) or filling out questionnaires. I had to fill five containers with spit and it took a while because my mouth was so dry! The terrifying part was actually being told to give a speech in front of three people in lab coats. A girl was in the room already and when she came out, she looked like she was about to cry. I went on to the five-minute speech and ran out of things to say halfway. The people in lab coats were so scary. Every time I paused, they would stare me down. No facial expressions, no sign of welcoming me there. After the speech, I had to count backwards from 2083, subtracting 13 each time. I walked out of the building upset, scared, and wanting to just curl up in a ball so no one could see me :( Worst thing ever.

Right after that, I found a place to sit outside so I could actually enroll in my classes. I did get all the classes I wanted, but I still have room for more. The only reason I'm not adding any more classes is because the times conflict with one another :( I guess aerobics will have to wait.

Time to get ready for bed! Goodnight :)

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