Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday

I had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. We had creamed corn (my fave!), roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, honey ham (my other fave!), oven baked chicken, green beans, brussel sprouts, and beans. I think that's all we made. We had about 13 to 15 people, all crammed into my cousin's small condo. It was everyone on my dad's side, minus a few cousins. Dinner was delicious as always and I came back home last night! I haven't been home since Labor Day and it feels weird to be here.

After I came home for about half an hour, I left and went Black Friday shopping for the first time with Jon! I left around 10:30 and came back at 3 am. I don't know if I would recommend the mall for Black Friday shopping. It was crowded and really hot. Imagine like it was Disneyland after the fireworks show and you're trying to leave the park without losing your family or friends. Surprisingly, I didn't buy anything. I really wanted a new pair of boots. In the Macy's advertisement, I saw a pair on sale for $20! I searched Macy's shoe section and only found the $100+ boots :( Jon did buy a few sweatshirts from American Eagle and Aeropostale. Both times, we had to wait in line for about 20 minutes. At Macy's, I also looked at Clinique's products because I've been wanting to buy their acne skincare line. Unfortunately, they weren't on sale, so I didn't buy the set :( After looking through shoes and the beauty section of Macy's, Jon wanted to go look at purses and wallets. I've been bugging him because he never buys me anything and I buy him a lot of things on his mental wishlist. He knows I've been looking at Fossil brand wallets, so we went to hunt for some. I didn't see any Fossil brand wallets, but Jon found this really cute gray Giani Bernini wallet with lots of pockets and it's perfect. I'm glad he has good taste :P He ended up buying the wallet and saying it was my late birthday present. I've never had a new wallet before (mine were all hand-me-downs), so it was kinda exciting.

At least the mall wasn't too chaotic. It was rather funny to see people run around and it was funny when the escalator beeped and stopped working because there was too many people on it! Other than the crowded mall, hot temperature, and the smell of weed everywhere I turn, Black Friday shopping wasn't that bad. I wouldn't mind going to the mall again, if I can actually find things for myself.

I woke up at 9 am this morning (6 hours of sleep isn't too bad. I just took a nap 2 hours ago, hehe) and roamed around the house for a while until noon. Jon came to pick me up for lunch and we went to Mikuni's, a Japanese restaurant we like to go to. We got the lunch bento boxes, as usual, and ordered two orders of Flaming Shrooms this time. Those are really good. They are white mushrooms stuffed with imitation crab meat and a jalapeno, which are then deep-fried and topped with a yummy sauce. The Flaming Shrooms are Jon's favorite and we get them almost every time we go to Mikuni's. 


  1. Cute wallet :-) I didn't go to any stores for Black Friday, I did all my shopping from the comfort of my laptop, hehe.

  2. Thanks! Ooh, you should wait for Cyber Monday. It's the Monday after Black Friday every year where websites have their own sales!


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