Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Masks

Hey there! I hope you're all warm and dry :) It's been rainy here, which gives me an excuse to lay in bed all day, tehe. I'm getting over my cold or flu, whichever it is. I didn't get a bad fever. Just stuffy + runny nose, a major headache that lasted about two days, and a change in my voice. It's almost all gone :) I didn't take medicine because I didn't feel the need to. I wasn't terribly sick like last school year. Yikes. I practically slept the whole day, wore like three layers, and sweated everything out. It was terrible. I had the cough, the shivers, and a massive headache. And that was around the time when my then-roommate and I went through a rough patch and didn't talk at all, despite our beds were only about five feet apart. 

FACIAL MASKS. I love facial masks. When I'm feeling creative, I like to make my own in the kitchen, but often times, I don't have all the ingredients. Or the time. Buying masks is more convenient and they last longer than homemade ones. 

On the left is Freeman's Cucumber Peel-Off Mask. I bought this for around $5 on last year and I absolutely love it. 6 ounces can last a while. I use this mask once every two weeks or so: I squeeze about a quarter-size onto my palm and spread a consistent layer on my face. Try to avoid your eyebrows because it will become really stick and hard to wash out, haha. Then I wait until the whole masks dries, which takes about 15 minutes, depending how much I put on. Peeling the mask off is the fun part! My roommate has the same mask, but she leaves it on for about an hour and when it comes to peel-off time, it hurts. So, I do not recommend leaving the mask on for too long. What I love about this mask is how soft my skin gets after I peel off the cucumber goodness. I then finish up by rinsing my face and applying moisturizer. I have a couple uses left in the bottle and will definitely buy this again. I've seen all the Freeman masks on for about $3.99, but I'm not sure if it's also in-stores. 

Moving on to the Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask also from Freeman. I received this as a birthday present from one of the roommates because she knows I love the cucumber peel-off. Unfortunately, I don't think I can say the same about this clay mask. It smells pretty good and has a really smooth texture, but the aftermath for me is not so pretty. The mask also takes about 15 minutes to dry and isn't too hard to wash off, but I find new pimples the next day. The big, painful ones. I've used the mask about 3 times and it might just be a coincidence. I doubt that is the case though. I use the same skincare products and eat the same semi-healthy foods. Nothing changes until I use this clay mask. I am not saying this mask is terrible; in fact, it works wonders for many, but it's not right for me. I have normal to dry skin, so I think that could be a factor since I heard clay masks are great for oily skin. After the third use, I concluded this mask isn't for me and since then, my skin has slowly cleared up. I feel really bad because this was a gift and I barely used it! I won't purchase this clay mask again, but that isn't discouraging me from buying other Freeman masks! 

My ultimate favorite is the Alba Botanica Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask. It's amazinggg! Oh, what I would give for a whole closet of this stuff... Just kidding! I rather have a whole closet filled with... PIZZA. Mushrooms, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese. Yummy!

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