Sunday, September 30, 2012

iPod Touch Games - 9/2012

It's been well over a month since I posted my favorite August iPod Touch games. I was actually debating about replacing my iPod Touch with the Kindle Fire HD, but then the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has caught my eye. Oh, electronics problems. Here are some great games:

TINY CHEF: Build your own restaurant, cook hundreds of dishes, and earn money from customers!

Image taken from here
THE SIMPSONS: TAPPED OUT: Build Springfield again after a major disaster. Start with Homer and work your way up to other characters!

Image taken from here

TAP CAMPUS LIFE: Expand your sorority by recruiting new girls, buying new clothes and furniture for your house, and taking classes!

Image taken from here

ZOO DEFENDERS: Protect your barn from bears, rats, wolves, and other scary animals. Save coins to purchase weapons and place them anywhere on the map. Similar to a "defend your tower" game. Cute animals :)

Image taken from here
I hope this shorter, concise list is a little bit more helpful than August's app list. Happy gaming! :)

Totoro and Mario

If Totoro made a special appearance in a Mario game, that would just be interesting. I would make sure they're best friends and Totoro could accompany Mario on his adventures!

I "bought" these keychains from Why the quotations? Well, originally, I wanted the Totoro keychain with an ID card holder connected with it, but after I paid for it, I got a message stating they were out of stock. Then they promptly asked me if I would like the Totoro in the picture above and I said no, a refund would be fine. The seller gave me a the refund (it was only $2), but they also shipped this Totoro to me! With a Mario!

Yay for free stuff? Maybe.

Cheesy Laptop Skin

I bought my HP laptop almost two months ago and noticed it has gotten lots of tiny scratches! :( I barely take it out of my apartment. The few times that I did, I was careful and kept it in my bag most of the time. I ended up buying a laptop sleeve and decided to take one step further and getting a laptop skin. Here it is:

Yes, it's a Pokeball. I still like my Pokemon :P And that's my laptop sleeve underneath my laptop.

The bottom part is actually pretty white. Bad lighting :(

I bought the laptop skin from I don't think I'll purchase a laptop skin again. At least from this company. I had to trim the skin, even though I told her the size of my laptop. Also, the skin itself isn't thick and has dents and scratches on it already! Putting it on was fairly easy. It just took a little time to make sure it was straight and to get the air bubbles out. 

I guess I'll keep the Pokeball until something else catches my eye. 

Review: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

I have tried many different drugstore brands of moisturizers including Ponds, Olay, and Garnier but the best comes from a department store. Clinique. $25 for 4.2 fl. oz. is really not that bad, given all the benefits it has for your skin. My skin gets a little oily in the summer and really dry in the winter. The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (such a long name!) is perfect for any weather condition. It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day without reapplying. I have found that drugstore brands tend to disappear as the day goes on, but this moisturizer from Clinique stays put much longer.

I bought mine from There are different sizes to choose from and if you're still not sure if this is the right moisturizer for you, take a trip to the mall and try a sample. Clinique products are sold in many stores such as Macy's and Nordstrom.

This is my favorite moisturizer and is my must-have facial product. I hope it won't ever be discontinued or anything. Finding the perfect moisturizer is hard work!

If you have oily skin throughout the year, check out the gel version too :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Midterms Are Over!

This week, I had 3 exams, a bunch of assignments, readings, etc. Big sigh of relief for it all to be over. But the stress doesn't stop here... The essays and assignments just keep rolling in.

I promise to post more this weekend!


  • Review: Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
  • Cheesy Laptop Skin
  • Totoro and Mario
Stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jon's Secret Plan

Today during my boyfriend's physics lab, he told his group members how he wants to marry me. He expressed his love for me to strangers!

Lalalalaa. Butterflies multiplying non-stop. How can I not love this guy?

Goodnight ;)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mmm, Green Tea

I've been used to drinking all types of teas throughout my life, especially at Chinese restaurants and at home. I didn't think too much about green tea until I started living with my roommate. She drinks 3-4 cups of tea a day! I decided to follow suit, since I don't drink enough water anyways. It's been about two weeks since I started drinking green tea every day. I feel somewhat "cleaner" on the inside because tea detoxifies all the bad chemicals eaten from unhealthy foods or chemicals that linger in the air. 

Green tea is well-known for numerous health benefits. Here's a few interesting facts I've found:

  • Green tea has a role in lowering cholesterol, burning fat, preventing diabetes and stroke, and staving off dementia.
  • Green tea's antioxidants, called catechins, scavenge for free radicals that can damage DNA and contribute to cancer, blood clots, and atherosclerosis
  • A study conducted in Japan that involved nearly 500 Japanese women with Stage I and Stage II breast cancer, found that increased green tea consumption before and after surgery was associated with lower recurrence of the cancers.
  • Studies in China have shown that the more green tea that participants drank, the less the risk of developing stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and colorectal cancer.

There are also many different types of green tea: powdered, loose leaf, green tea with brown rice, etc. Every brand of green tea I've tried so far tasted different. I have yet to find my favorite one. 

My challenge for you? Drink more green tea than my roommate! Just kidding. Seriously, a cup or two a day won't hurt.

While you're at the store, pick up some green tea ice cream too. Yum, my favorite!

Source: WebMD

These sound interesting:


Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: Fellowes Neutrino Paper Trimmer

I excitedly received this in the mail yesterday so I can continue working on my art project, but I was soon very disappointed. First, I purchased the trimmer in "new" condition off, but the bottom of the plastic packaging was cut off. I didn't think it would matter because the product itself was still new. Then I tried out a few pieces of paper, but it didn't even cut straight! I decided to put pressure at different points, move the paper around, etc. Nothing worked. The little rounded yellow-orange trimmer is wobbly and there was no way I could fix it. The blade shouldn't have enough room to move so that the paper is trimmed at a curve. 

My cousin has one of these portable paper trimmers but a different brand and it works amazing. I wish I spent a little more than $11.50 if I knew :(

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eight Months

Eight months with my favorite person in the world :) It feels like we've been together for eight years because we're so comfortable with each other. Sad to say we can't spend the day together though :(

He waited until midnight this morning to send me the sweetest email ever. I lovelovelove when he sends me emails confessing his love for me, hehe!

On Monday, I sent him a love letter confessing MY love for him! And I made him an origami picture frame! It's the cutest thing I ever made :)

I used 6" origami paper and it came out tiny, but adorable! Instructions found here. A lot of steps, but very basic :)


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chef Emmy: Teriyaki Beef and Pineapple Over Rice

Whenever I think about what to eat for dinner, my thoughts come at the most random times. Yesterday, I was opening the door to my apartment when I decided to try something new :)

1 1/2 to 2 cups rice
1 pound of beef strips (or chicken)
1 cup canned pineapple chunks
teriyaki sauce

Prepare beforehand: I marinated the beef strips with salt, pepper, and about 2 or 3 tablespoons of teriyaki sauce. You can add more or less sauce. Then I added the pineapple chunks and put the whole mixing bowl with plastic wrap into the fridge for about 2 hours.

1. Wash and cook the rice first: Rinse the cups of rice a couple times. You'll notice the water will be less cloudy the more you rinse it. Add water until you have an equal level of water and rice. For example, if you have one inch of rice, add one inch of water. Cook the rice in a rice cooker.

2. Heat stove to high and empty the mixing bowl when pan is hot. Make sure the meat are evenly placed and not stacked on top of each other or on top of the pineapple. Now's a good time to add more teriyaki sauce if desired. Wait about 5-7 minutes and flip the meat onto its other side. I also like to move the pineapples around a bit. 

3. Make sure the meat is cooked on both sides.

4. When the rice is done, serve the beef and teriyaki on top.

Serves about 2. 

I don't have a picture this time, but it was very delicious!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

Today was my speech for communications class. The topic is values and mine were: the environment, factory farming, and education. The environment and education are pretty self-explanatory. You hear and see it all the time. But what about factory farms? Currently, I am reading "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer.

Image taken from here... Oprah's reading list!
It is such a good book; it has opened my eyes about farm animals, the food we eat, the meat industry, how animals are treated, etc. I highly recommend this book (I told my boyfriend to read it after I'm done!) to anyone. Although Foer is a vegetarian, his book isn't written to change people's dinner plans forever. He incorporates many perspectives, even from the farms themselves.

Foer wasn't always a vegetarian. In fact, it was an on-again off-again cycle. However, the birth of  his son gave him a reason to become a dedicated vegetarian.

Jonathan Foer is also the author of "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." I haven't read the book or seen the movie yet, but I'm planning to! :)

You can buy this book by clicking here:

Friday, September 14, 2012

One of the Best Ways to Save on Printer Ink

Count them. 15. Fifteen cartridges. That's three sets. I can change my ink three times. And for how much? $15.81. Total. Including shipping. Say what?

Behold the world of re-manufactured ink. This means that the ink I buy is not filled by the Canon company, but by smaller businesses. So the labels on the cartridges itself does not say Canon. The result? Super cheap printer ink :)

I bought this combo pack from my favorite I've tried but the last time I did, it would only ship to my credit card's billing address. It's a problem because my billing address is a two hour road trip away. At least that was's policy last year when I purchased from them. If you do want to try, they are pretty efficient on processing orders and time. I went with this time.

1. Make sure the cartridges are specifically for your printer model. Number one rule. If it doesn't fit, you're out of luck. Try typing in your printer brand and model on Click on one and, if possible, use the drop-down to see if it's compatible with your printer. asks for your brand and model on their homepage.

2. You need a "chip." When you buy re-manufactured ink, make sure it comes with the "chip" which connects the cartridge to your printer. It should state "chip" or "no chip."

3. Rejoice! Ink from the store can cost $60 or more. For one set. Save money and buy them re-manufactured!

I hope this was helpful :) Feel free to comment if you have any questions or comments!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pika Pika?

me: in the episode where pikachu is hurt and ash puts him in the bike basket. it’s thunder and rain. and ash does nothing but protect pikachu. bikes as fast as possible. OH NURSE JOY. lawl, stupid brock the pervert.
him: brock awesome :P
me: the point is… sometimes i think you’re my ash. and i’m your pikachu. you would save me no matter what.
him: you’re always my pikachu.
09/11/2012 — jlh <3

(will create more posts this weekend! drowning in school work... xo)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chef Emmy: Asian Quesadillas and Side Salad

Hmm, what to do with left over rice and stir-fry chicken + broccoli? Grab some shredded cheese and tortillas and sandwich the leftovers! 

I took about 1/2 a cup of prepared rice and stir-fry, enough cheese for my liking, and added some more stir-fry sauce (any sauce works fine). Then I plopped the loaded quesadilla onto my stove! Super easy and a great way to get rid of leftovers that are still fresh. On the side, I rinsed some baby carrots and added a pasta salad. Yes, I did buy the salad from Safeway (hehe), but you can make your own too :) 

This meal is really versatile; you can substitute the meat with beef or pork (no meat works too!), the broccoli with spinach, carrots with fruit, or the pasta salad with your favorite! Even better, this meal probably costed me about $3.00 :) 

Perfect for putting leftovers to use, saving money, and eating healthy! Man, being a broke college student sucks...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pink on Pink

I finally had time to re-do my nails. I decided to use a soft, dark pink color and pink sparkles on the tip :) I've never done a french manicure style before, but it's such a classic. For the tips, I just freehand. No stickers. Although I did purchase some from last week. Since I've never used them before, I will do a review on them :)

Here's some cute stickers for nails:

Image taken from here
Got some cool nail art ideas to share? Send me a comment below! :)

UPDATE: The gorgeous Lainey requested to see what nail polishes I used :)
1. Maybelline Salon Finish in Brownberry Caramel Rose (348)
2. Wet 'n Wild in Sparkled (435F)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wishlist: Kindle Fire HD

I've been searching for the right tablet in hopes of replacing my iPod Touch (see post here). I watched Youtube review videos on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Google Nexus 7. The Galaxy has a rear-view camera and a micro SD slot, unlike the Nexus. However, I do like the Nexus more...

Today, my boyfriend told me to check out the Kindle Fire HD. So I went on because that's where I go window shopping 80% of the time and I am definitely convinced. It looks so beautiful and is jam packed with all the goodies -- games, music, Dolby speakers, wi-fi, and of course, books.

Image taken from here

Doesn't every tablet have that? Yes, I'm sure of it. However, if you watch the video on this page, you will understand why I must have it.

Right now, it's in pre-order stage, but I will continue to read more about this brand new Kindle and will probably make my decision in a few weeks. It would be like a birthday present to myself! If I do shovel out $199 from my own wallet for this gorgeous thing, I will be sure to do an extensive review! Who knows, maybe it will be a video review. Hmm, maybe. I'm getting shy just thinking about letting the whole world listen to my voice...

Here's a cool case:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Things Remembered

This beautiful bracelet was custom made by Things Remembered. They carry jewelry, picture frames, jewelry boxes and more. The best thing is engravings. This was actually a Christmas gift a few years back. I can't believe it has little scratches on it :( It's got to be one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, even though I don't really have a large collection. Now that I think about it, I don't really know if I have a favorite. I'm so picky; it has to be perfect for me to fall completely in love. I had 2 long necklaces from Forever 21, but the chains broke sadly after a couple years of wear :( 

I need more jewelry!

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday, my parents drove me back to my apartment. My grandma came for the two hour drive this time. She likes to see what's going on in my life. We ended up going out for lunch in San Jose at this Chinese BBQ. I ordered a noodle soup and I have decided to never go there again. The soup was so oily, you could see the bubbles of oil every where. That made the noodles and meat taste gross too. With every bite came a splatter of oil. Yuck. I'm not sure what was in their broth, but it was not appetizing. It didn't taste fresh... more like a leftover soup from various dishes put together... :(

Nevertheless, I was happy to return back to my nice, quiet apartment with no parents around :) One of my roommates made me cookies! She's a vegetarian that doesn't eat processed foods either, so I trust her cooking :)

Here are some random pictures from around my apartment!

Magnets from my fridge; the kitty is from our campus bookstore, the Oklahoma teddy bear is from my boyfriend's mommy, and the star is from Disneyworld!

My SJSU cup

More cute stuff on the fridge

The top of my dresser and my beloved jewelry/makeup organizer

Now... time for a cat nap and then some homework. Until next time :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Infinity Dress + Labor Day

Whoever designed this dress (or knows how to make it), CONTACT ME ASAP. I am in love with how many different way one dress can be worn! The navy blue and white contrast also makes it unique along with the fabric pattern. It is just too cute! 

It's good to be home, if only it's for a few days. I get good food without having to cook or wash dishes ;) But of course, I get to spend time with my family and boyfriend. Yes, we do have a long distance relationship (2 hours apart), but it's what makes us stronger. The limited time we have together is just so much more special because we don't know when we will see each other again. Of course I can't be away from him for too long; I try to come home once a month. Last school year when I dormed on campus, he came over for a few weekends. This year is a different living situation. Plus, it's risking taking his 1995 Honda Accord to see me. 

Anyways, Labor Day weekend not only means a day off from school... it means sales! I am currently subscribed to American Eagle, Forever21, Clinique, Sephora, etc. Email subscriptions are a great way to find out when sale events are going on. You can stumble upon free shipping, discounts, or sometimes even free stuff! I've gotten free lip gloss (no purchase necessary, I just brought the coupon!) from Bath and Body Works. Their lip gloss is valued about $7.50 each and one tube lasts a while. I love their minty glosses. I can't help but to lick my lips a little! ;) Shopping online is great because lots of items aren't found in-stores and clicking a button can help you sort through thousands of items, but shipping costs are such a drag. Take advantage of free shipping whenever you can :) 

There are many ways to save money over Labor Day weekend. What are your ideas?