Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Remember my November goal? Well, I reached it sometime today! Thank you all very much! <3 Basically, my monthly goal is to reach more pageviews than previous month. November was cutting it close. I was behind 200 views just a couple days ago and was afraid I wouldn't reach my personal blog goal this time. How did I do it? Easy.

First, I created a post asking for help. I explained my goal and Lainey (my first follower and now my good friend) recommended my blog to her friends! A very special thank you for Lainey <3 I love her beauty blog; she reviews a lot of products I either have used or is interested in using. Lainey is also really nice and gives great tips! <3

Second, I use Google+. A lot. The past few days, I've been clicking the "share" button like crazy. It shares the post to any Google+ users. Yes, you have to click the button for every single post, but I find that it helps a bit :) You can do this by clicking "Posts" on the left-hand side. You should find a list of all the blog posts you've created. Hover over the post you would like to share and the share button should pop up. This will only work if your blog is linked to Google+ and if you are using Blogger (which is powered by Google).

Those two are the main reasons in helping me reach my goal. Other tips include: commenting on other blogs + providing a link back to my blog, following new blogs, and simply blogging more!

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving break. I will be heading back to my apartment tomorrow, first thing in the morning :( I had a great time at home, but I shall be home again in a few weeks after finals! Try out my tips and let me know which ones worked for you, which ones didn't, or what other strategies you use :)


  1. Congratulations, Emmy! Now let's see if December tops November! :D

  2. Thanks Lainey! <3 I already planned out a few posts! It would be kinda cool to have new blog goals every year, don't you think?

  3. That's great! By the way, I gave you the wrong adress for my cousins blog. this is the real one:

    One more thing- the mascara review that you requested is going to go up sometime between tomorrow and next Friday. I was going to do it last week, I had all the pictures ready and everything... but I forgot to edit them, so I'll do that then comment when it's posted.

  4. Are you sure? It's just plain pink, no posts. Is she just getting started?

    Oh okay, thanks! :D

  5. Dang, I keep giving you the wrong one!! Oh well, you've got it now, hehe.


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