Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Is Here!

I only have about two more weeks of school left! That means final exams, essays that are assigned last minute, and... winter break! An entire month of break. I can't wait! :) Jon will be in Oklahoma for two weeks, so I don't exactly get to spend the entire thirty days with him, but that's okay. I'm bittersweet about him leaving two days after I get back because I do want him to see his family in Oklahoma, but I really want to spend our first Christmas together. It would be magical...

The other day, an idea popped into my mind: I thought it would be cool to have a new blogging goal every year, as part of my New Year's resolution. I know, not a lot of people keep their resolutions, but I really want to try my best! I already have an idea of what I want my new goal to be. My current goal is to get more pageviews than the previous month, but I think I need something more challenging. Not only do I want more pageviews, I want more followers. I've been reading my past blog posts and I've noticed nothing really stands out. That is why I installed a new template yesterday (my other reason is because I was getting tired of the green!). Also, I want to bold and italicize certain words. That way, the words won't all look the same! One more thing I want to do... I need more pictures! The reason why I don't upload a lot of pictures is because my camera sucks and I feel that most of my blog posts don't need a random picture of my face. However, I've found a way around that: I will do my best to post at least one picture with every blog post, using tumblr! If I don't post my own pictures in a blog post, I will find a cool, cute, funny, or weird picture from my tumblr dashboard!

Hopefully starting on my New Year's resolutions early will give me a head start in achieving my goals. Let's get started on those pictures!

I found a really cool December challenge:

Hmm, sounds like something I might want to do!

Happy December :)

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