Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mall Haul

Hey guys! I'm still finishing up my roommate's birthday present. I've gotten her... 18 little gifts so far. I know, it's a lot! But she's extremely special to me :) I went to the mall today with Jonathan and here's what I got:

1. American Eagle gift card. This is actually for my friend Megan, who also has a January birthday! Megan and I have been friends since middle school :)
2. A little trinket box from Hallmark. Super, duper cute! I couldn't pass this one up!
3. The Body Shop gift card.
4. Sanrio characters notepad.
5. Sanrio letter set.
6. Mini Pooh bear from Hallmark. Oh man, these were so cute! I really wanted the Ariel, or the Minnie Mouse... or the Mickey Mouse... I couldn't decide on just one, so I didn't get any for myself :(
7. Animal stickers from Hallmark. These were only $1 each!
8. Body Shop goodies: Seaweed Matifying Day Cream (I bought 2) and Tea Tree Oil Face Wash. These are for myself. The Body Shop was having a really big sale. I decided on buying 3 minis, for $10 :)

I also bought a cute top from American Eagle. It's just a simple taupe-color flow-y shirt. AE had a sale, too! I bought the shirt for only $7.50! :)

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