Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review: Skin 79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream

I received this Korean BB cream for Christmas and I finally got a chance to test it out! Asians take skincare very seriously... Check out this Michelle Phan video. Asian women use an average of nine skincare products (stated in Michelle's description box)!

What do I think about this product?
  • It has a great SPF of 25. Sun protection is really important; it can lead to wrinkles and dark spots in the future! I always wear a sunscreen in the morning and with an added SPF 25, my skin will be super protected! :)
  • The packaging is super cool. I love the lip/ blush compartment. And the way the BB cream comes out of the bottle? You push down on the black top and it pumps out! So fascinating. 
  • The BB cream matches my skin perfectly. There are no shades to choose from. It's supposed to blend with your natural skin tone! Oh, and it blends really easily. It's a light cream :)
  • It also absorbs right into my skin. Doesn't feel heavy or leave any residue. 
  • Light fragrant scent.
  • Extremely moisturizing. I cannot put into words how moisturizing this BB cream is! It's like my skin takes a giant gulp of water! 
  • I'm not really sure how much this costs... it was a gift, but I've seen Skin 79 products sell for about $20-$30 USD. 

In conclusion, the only thing I can really say is... I absolutely love this product. I will definitely repurchase this. However, I'm one of those people who fall in love with materialistic things and can never bring myself to using them! I lovelovelove this BB cream :) I haven't used the lip/ cheek color yet, but it is a really pretty color!

Buy Skin 79 products here!

Here's Ingrid's Youtube review on another Skin 79's BB cream:

Michelle Phan's channel
Ingrid's channel

I hope you enjoyed this product review! <3

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