Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tea Tree Oil + Pore Strips

Hey guys! I'm finally back home, after spending a week at my cousin's to help babysit her four month old boy :) It was really nice to spend time with my cousin and her husband because they live a couple of hours away. My week consisted of changing diapers, waking up to 7 AM cries, eating cereal every morning, speaking baby language, and making dinner for everyone! It was a little stressful when I couldn't tell what the baby wanted. The three main things babies want are: food, sleep, and diaper changes. I can safely say that I am now a Master Diaper Changer :P I only need one hand and about 10 seconds, ha!

I got home around 7 PM. Ate dinner, showered, unpacked, the usual. Then I found a few packages that arrived, tehe.

I've been wanting to try tea tree oil for a while because I've heard about its' awesome benefits for acne. This little guy stands only 1 inch tall and costed about $3 on eBay. I opened the cap and sniffed it a bit. It certainly has a strong smell, but I can handle it :) I'll be sure to post about this in a week or so, after I've tested it out!

I also bought pore strips for my nose. I love these things! I always buy them on eBay because they are so much cheaper! These were made in Korea, but there's Japanese characters on the packaging. No clue why. But what you do is wet your nose and apply the strip directly on your nose. Smooth out any air bubbles and wait until the pore strip dries completely. Then, you rip it off! It hurts for a few seconds, but you get to see all the gross things hidden in your nose :) It's best to use when your pores are open (i.e. after a hot shower).

After my shower, I decided to paint my toenails... with my favorite toe color! This copper polish is from Ulta. It goes on very smoothly, dries fairly quickly, and looks great with my skin tone :)

I hope you had a fantastic Saturday :)


  1. I love a good pore strip! hopefully these work well for you
    thanks for tagging me in the beauty award, i definitely loved reading through all your answers :)

    rachel x

  2. That's a pretty nail polish! I'll have to check it out when I go to Ulta :D

    Hope the tea tree oil helps your acne!


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