Monday, January 7, 2013

Review: Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray

Hey guys! This is an empty bottle of heat protectant spray from Tresemme. I've gone through about... three or four of these. I really don't use any hair products... just shampoo and this Tresemme spray, if I remember to. I just recently started using conditioner since my hair was really dry. Currently, I am using Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship shampoo and conditioner. It smells amazing :) Also, I have a Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioner. I'm not sure how I feel about leave-ins, yet.

What do I think about this product?

  • Totally inexpensive. It's about $4 at Target. 
  • Smells nice. Like a fruity-floral scent.
  • The spray itself is perfect. It's not too concentrated (like a water gun). It's actually more like a perfume bottle kind of spray :)
  • I actually didn't think this spray had any effect... until I stopped using it. Last year, I stopped using it and blow-dried my hair more than ever. Worst idea ever. My hair is still so very dry; that is why I've turned to conditioners, hoping to replenish my shine and softness. 
In conclusion, I like this heat protectant spray enough to repurchase, but I'm open to other brands. I've learned the importance of protecting my hair when I blow-dry my hair. Since I haven't tried any other brands, I'm wondering if there are more effective sprays than the Tresemme. I'm looking for one to protect and add shine; I'm trying to hydrate my hair as fast as I can! 

Recently, I bought a heat protectant from Aussie. I've used it only once so far and it smells great. I'll be sure to review it soon :)

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  1. I just bought this to go with my new straightener (my old one finally died...), and I used it today. It's amazing!! <3 <3


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