Friday, January 4, 2013

My First Professional Facial

Hey guys! I can finally say I got a real facial! :) It was so nice and relaxing. The esthetician DeAnn was super nice and great to talk to. My cousin Maggie actually started going to DeAnn's little clinic a few months before she got married so her skin could clear up for the wedding photos. And Maggie looked amazing on her wedding day. That was seven years ago. Maggie and DeAnn are now close friends and Maggie has seen DeAnn many, many times. Today, I was lucky enough to come along :)

The facial lasted about an hour. DeAnn also did a little massaging on my shoulders, arms, and hands. I can't say what she used because my eyes were closed the entire time! But I know she cleansed my face multiple times, did two different types of facials (one was a pumpkin enzyme... smelled DELICIOUS), extracted some of the gunk on my face, put me under a steamer, etc.

The end result? I still have my pimples, of course, but my pores are not congested anymore! My face looked brighter and clearer. My skin felt smoother and softer.

So is $70 worth it? Yes. 

I know, it's pricey. It's a one-time price tag. But it's worth it. I have lots of confidence that my skin will be much better in the next following weeks :)

What did I learn about acne today?

  • Using the same cleanser morning and night actually helps. I've been doing this for about a week because I didn't want to bring two cleansers to my cousin's place. I've actually seen a difference; my skin has improved a little bit in just a week.
  • If you want to pop a pimple, make sure your pores are clean and opened. Hover your face over steam or take a hot bath. Then, use Q-tips and not your fingers to pop the head of the pimple. Why is this important? One, there is less pressure (compared to using your fingers) and can reduce the chances of scarring. Two, it's much more sanitary. Afterwards, clean the area again with warm water.
  • Use a little bit of pressure when you cleanse. Lather your cleanser with a bit of water between your palms. In a circular motion, cleanse your face until you've covered your face completely. Then, arch your hands (as if you're typing on a keyboard) and apply a bit of pressure as you continue cleansing in a circular motion. What this does is break down the nasty stuff in your pores. It will lift the gunk to the surface of your skin and your pores will be clean! 
I hope these tips are helpful.

If you are in the San Francisco area, come check out DeAnn. She really is amazing. Yelp page is here. Website (with a pricing chart) is here. Remember: it is by appointment only and it is just DeAnn working in the clinic, so she can be booked for a few days. 

Who doesn't like Ferrero Rocher?!


  1. I've never had a professional facial, because honestly, I don't trust any of the places near my house with my face... but it does sound amazing :)

    1. Aw, maybe one day you'll find a nice place :) I'm waiting until I get a real job to spend that kind of money... lol :P


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