Thursday, August 30, 2012

Craving for Online Shopping

This past week has been unbelievably busy for me. I come home every day around noon and do my homework until 10pm - 1am. Minus two hours for dinner cooking, eating, and showering. I hope this madness will end soon... it's killing me!

Anyways, I have one more class tomorrow and then I'm on my way home for Labor Day weekend! :) This will be my first time home in two weeks. I'm in the need of good, delicious food. I did start my weekend early though and started window shopping online, hehehe. Come on, I've worked really hard this week. I deserve a gift! Or maybe five.

I haven't decided if I will buy them or not. is currently down right now. But that doesn't mean it's the end of the world! I love F21. However, it's good to have a few other favorites in mind when one store is unavailable for a while.

Take a look at my findings:
Aeropostale, $12.99 (on clearance)
Aeropostale, $12.99 (on clearance)

Aeropostale, $9.99 (on clearance)
Wet Seal, $17.99 (on clearance)
Wet Seal, $14.99
All but one were found on clearance (woohoo!), but even so, the flats are still pretty cheap. Especially since I tend to wear my sandals and flats until they cannot be worn anymore. My favorite pair is from Target. I bought them about four years ago. The bottom sole is all rubbed off and it has lost its beautiful gold color! But they are so comfortable. I've worn them through dirt, sand, rain, etc. I guess the worn look makes it feel more special. Oh, and they were only $16.99! At that price, it has lasted me for four years and it's still not broken yet. For me, shoes last many, many years. I don't mind investing in Nike sneakers (I own three pairs), but I do love finding great value for great prices.

Where do you shop at for awesome stuff and even more awesome prices?

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  1. I LOVE Aeropostale. I'm really skinny (like a 00), and Aeroropostale is one of the few places where everything fits!! I always get great prices by using the clearance section of the website, before I look at anything else.


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