Friday, August 17, 2012

Textbooks: College Students' Nightmares

I spent (prepare yourself) $591.86. On textbooks. For one semester only. Not for one school year, one semester. I've never spent so much money on books before. I even bought most of them on and to save money! I did have to buy a few from my campus bookstore (way too overpriced), but hopefully I can sell them back online for more. I've been selling books, and sometimes my brother's video games, online for a few years now. I use and it's pretty simple to use. Money gets disbursed into your bank account about once a month. They do charge you a small fee for selling on their site though. The reason I don't sell on or is because I'm just so used to buying things off! Now, time to sink in those numbers and hold my tears back :(

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