Friday, August 24, 2012

The End of Week One

Well, half a week actually. I only had 3 days of classes. But I feel so drained! Wednesday was my first day as a sophomore; I had psychology and creative writing. I'm still waiting to see if I'm in or not for creative writing :( I'm against another girl trying to get in the class. She's a graduating senior... so hopefully that doesn't give her an advantage. It's tough getting classes. Especially since there's a new 15 unit cap, meaning the maximum we can take is about 5 classes a semester. Of course, I could petition for more units but I think I'm fine now. Once you get into a class, specifically a class that you NEED, try your best to cling on to it! In special cases, you can get dropped and you won't be able to keep those credits :(

Anyways, I'm excited to learn about dreams in psychology because the topic is so mysterious and intriguing. I'm not particularly pumped for creative writing, for it is a tough course. But I need to fulfill requirements...

Yesterday (Thursday), I had communications and English 1B. I'm naturally a shy person, so I hope to work on that in communications. English 1B was packed. There was probably over double the people. 20 people had to stand! English 1B is one of the hardest classes to get into. I'm so glad I have a spot. Otherwise, I would be running around campus, sitting in classes and hoping someone drops. We actually took a walk around campus for English 1B; our professor made a big deal about the art, statues, buildings, and even the sidewalks. Of course the walk was important... he already assigned us a project!

This semester is the first in which I have a Friday class. Oh, how I loved starting my weekends early on Thursday nights... but this year is different. I'm taking 5 classes now (assuming I will get into creative writing). I have Asian American Studies on Fridays. For 2 hours and 45 minutes. Oh joy. However, Asian American Studies satisfy a whole bunch of requirements, all in one class! And maybe the fact that I am Asian has something to do with why I chose this course. But let's just think about all the requirements I would get credit for. Jackpot! The class is huge, probably close to 100 students. Which doesn't bug me at all because that means I probably won't get called on (hehehe). I did try to sit near the front, like I do in most classes, so I can see better.

Overall, the start of the school year went well. I've been productive and reading every night, which is probably why I won't get to post as much... but also because I won't have much interesting things to say.

But exciting news! My cousin had her first child 2 days ago! :) His name is Lantz and he was born early but he's doing fine. I will be sure to post up pictures when I visit him!

Til next time!

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