Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Customized Couples Keychain

Months back, I decided to give my boyfriend a sweet gift. I love surfing on; all the handmade goodies gets me thinking about what I could make! I wanted something he could keep by his side when I'm not there (hehe, so cheesy) and I found these adorable keychains! Scott from is extremely nice and talented. He helped me with my orders (I purchased some for my friends too, but with just their names... take a look at his items!) and sent out my keychains ASAP :) My boyfriend loved it. I still remember that moment. We went out for brunch, just us two, and I dug my hand into my purse discreetly. I held the keychain in my palm and opened my fist on top of our table. Immediately, he took out his keys and gave a new home to his keychain. Five months later, it's still hanging from his keys! I spent about $10 for 2 keychains, but the price can range, depending on the quantity and variety you choose. These can be fantastic gifts for your friends and loved ones, especially because they're specially customized! 

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