Sunday, September 2, 2012

Infinity Dress + Labor Day

Whoever designed this dress (or knows how to make it), CONTACT ME ASAP. I am in love with how many different way one dress can be worn! The navy blue and white contrast also makes it unique along with the fabric pattern. It is just too cute! 

It's good to be home, if only it's for a few days. I get good food without having to cook or wash dishes ;) But of course, I get to spend time with my family and boyfriend. Yes, we do have a long distance relationship (2 hours apart), but it's what makes us stronger. The limited time we have together is just so much more special because we don't know when we will see each other again. Of course I can't be away from him for too long; I try to come home once a month. Last school year when I dormed on campus, he came over for a few weekends. This year is a different living situation. Plus, it's risking taking his 1995 Honda Accord to see me. 

Anyways, Labor Day weekend not only means a day off from school... it means sales! I am currently subscribed to American Eagle, Forever21, Clinique, Sephora, etc. Email subscriptions are a great way to find out when sale events are going on. You can stumble upon free shipping, discounts, or sometimes even free stuff! I've gotten free lip gloss (no purchase necessary, I just brought the coupon!) from Bath and Body Works. Their lip gloss is valued about $7.50 each and one tube lasts a while. I love their minty glosses. I can't help but to lick my lips a little! ;) Shopping online is great because lots of items aren't found in-stores and clicking a button can help you sort through thousands of items, but shipping costs are such a drag. Take advantage of free shipping whenever you can :) 

There are many ways to save money over Labor Day weekend. What are your ideas?

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