Sunday, September 30, 2012

iPod Touch Games - 9/2012

It's been well over a month since I posted my favorite August iPod Touch games. I was actually debating about replacing my iPod Touch with the Kindle Fire HD, but then the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has caught my eye. Oh, electronics problems. Here are some great games:

TINY CHEF: Build your own restaurant, cook hundreds of dishes, and earn money from customers!

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THE SIMPSONS: TAPPED OUT: Build Springfield again after a major disaster. Start with Homer and work your way up to other characters!

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TAP CAMPUS LIFE: Expand your sorority by recruiting new girls, buying new clothes and furniture for your house, and taking classes!

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ZOO DEFENDERS: Protect your barn from bears, rats, wolves, and other scary animals. Save coins to purchase weapons and place them anywhere on the map. Similar to a "defend your tower" game. Cute animals :)

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I hope this shorter, concise list is a little bit more helpful than August's app list. Happy gaming! :)

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