Friday, September 14, 2012

One of the Best Ways to Save on Printer Ink

Count them. 15. Fifteen cartridges. That's three sets. I can change my ink three times. And for how much? $15.81. Total. Including shipping. Say what?

Behold the world of re-manufactured ink. This means that the ink I buy is not filled by the Canon company, but by smaller businesses. So the labels on the cartridges itself does not say Canon. The result? Super cheap printer ink :)

I bought this combo pack from my favorite I've tried but the last time I did, it would only ship to my credit card's billing address. It's a problem because my billing address is a two hour road trip away. At least that was's policy last year when I purchased from them. If you do want to try, they are pretty efficient on processing orders and time. I went with this time.

1. Make sure the cartridges are specifically for your printer model. Number one rule. If it doesn't fit, you're out of luck. Try typing in your printer brand and model on Click on one and, if possible, use the drop-down to see if it's compatible with your printer. asks for your brand and model on their homepage.

2. You need a "chip." When you buy re-manufactured ink, make sure it comes with the "chip" which connects the cartridge to your printer. It should state "chip" or "no chip."

3. Rejoice! Ink from the store can cost $60 or more. For one set. Save money and buy them re-manufactured!

I hope this was helpful :) Feel free to comment if you have any questions or comments!

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