Sunday, October 21, 2012

2 Days Before: The Big Surprise

Yesterday was a long, but amazingly fun day! Around noon, I met up with my cousin, her husband, and baby (!) for lunch. We ate dim sum here in San Jose and got drinks afterwards. It was a small celebration for my birthday tomorrow. FINALLY, after two full months, I get to meet the baby!

I got to hold him for a while and he was just the cutest thing ever! He was also very heavy too :P 

I arrived home around 3:30 PM and met up with one of my roommates to go grocery shopping a little bit later. The market we went to was pretty far, but I got a lot of food! That took about an hour an half and when we got back to our apartment complex, I noticed she started walking faster ahead of me. I didn't think anything of it because she had her keys out already and was going to open the door. 

When I got to the door, it was dark and all I heard was "SURPRISE!" Both of my roommates planned a surprise for me! I walked in and saw the dining table was decorated with presents, origami cranes, and FOOD! I really had no idea they were planning things behind my back. We proceeded to eat dinner and talked about how awkward it would be if our fourth roommate came back, lol! 

After dinner, (of course I was the last one to finish eating) I noticed they were being weird again. I wasn't allowed to turn around or stand up, so I just finished my food while they went into the room together. They both came out and started singing to me, with 3 GORGEOUS cupcakes! They were from a really nice bakery and were delicious! We shared the cupcakes and then there were only three bites left. I was forced to eat them if I wanted to open presents!

I took a five minute break and scooped up the last of the crumbs (SO YUM). Then, they both watched and giggled while I opened my presents and tried to figure out which bag of presents was from whom. Of course, I knew right away ;)

Gift bag #1:
- a water bottle I really wanted, for the longest time! I told her so long ago!
- a kitty pencil bag, because I complained about mine
- Herbal Essences shampoo and condition, in the scent I wanted
- Japanese chocolate, yummm
- cute card and envelope set
- facial masks from Target (I told her I wanted these over half a year ago!)
- Odwalla bars, my favorite ones!
- origami paper

Gift bag #2:
- the kitty cup I saw with her at the store
- the facial mask I've been wanting
- a scarf because I was complaining about my mom losing my favorite one
- red vines, after hearing me saying I wanted some

I am so blessed to have the world's best roommates. They remembered everything I've said out loud. But even if I didn't say anything, they would know exactly what to get me. What would I do without SEA?

Expect reviews (or just regular posts) in the future about the facial masks, shampoo + conditioner, etccc.

Here are some pictures! I will add more another time. My roommates have better pictures on their cameras.

Oh, and this is what my cousin got me:

- a WoolBuddy kit from a craft fair! I love it!
- amazing handpoured candles (her best friend owns the company!)


  1. sooooo sweet =)


  2. Yeah the book "skinny B&*%$" is funny and has recipes" RoRos World


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