Thursday, October 18, 2012

One Thousand Thanks

Woohoo! I reached just a little bit over 1000 page views! Last night, it was hovering around 980. I guess it wasn't a major success because I get about 20 to 50 page views a day anyway :( I still would like to say "thank you!" to my readers, especially Lainey who was my first follower and still continues to read and comment on my blog! And Natalie, who just started following me recently :)

One thousand page views is motivation to me. I'm normally a person who gets tired of doing the same things over and over. I've had a couple blogs before and gave them up really fast because I had nothing to talk about (even though I still talk about random things, hehe) or my content must have been really boring because no one read my old blogs! I never even had followers or comments before!

With college, I have a lot of free time (except for midterm and final weeks...) and blogging is a great way to use that time! I love writing and working on ways to improve my style of writing. Reading other blogs allows me to discover those techniques. Besides, it's exciting to come home and find 50 page views in one day :)

Next goal... two thousand views! And a few more followers :) Lainey has a super crazy challenge of ten thousand views and one hundred followers before the end of this year. I gave her tons of great tips here and I can't wait until she reaches her goal!

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