Monday, October 1, 2012


Though years have passed, you have yet to slip my mind.
Anger and tears could never wash the memories away
As now I am the one standing alone. The kind
Smiles we used to greet each other. The days

We spent sharing love. How did we end
Like this? I miss the laughter and hope
We gave each other. I miss the friend
I saw in you. But now, all I can do is sit and mope.

High school was our roller coaster ride
Though it was not enjoyable. It was a time
Of change and identity. To pick a side
And distinguish where we stand. It would be a crime

To speak up and say I was not happy. So I
Kept silent and watched my best friend turn
Into someone I don't know. It would be a lie
To say it was easy, but my stomach churned and churned.

Because years have passed, I have let the pain
Wash away into the sea. Because years have passed,
I am ready for a new friendship after the thunder and rain.
Because years have passed, I found myself at last.

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