Friday, October 19, 2012

And the Fun Begins

My 19th birthday is justttt around the corner, sneaking behind me as I'm distracted with school. I don't even feel 18. I feel more like... 15, hehe! It kinda sucks to not celebrate with my parents and brother back home, but being with friends always makes me just as happy :)

Today, I had a late lunch with my really good friend Megan. We went to the same middle school, high school, and now we're at the same college! We had no idea we would be together. Even more of a coincidence, we both chose the same major! We are meant to be friends ;) But of course, Megan and I are scrambling to find a new major because the department of occupational therapy decided to cut the bachelor degree route. Yep. Anyways, it's always super nice to catch up with friends. I don't see Megan a lot; our school has like 33,000 students. And she's in a club, just started living the Greek life, and is now in the process of getting a job! Megan is always super active in school and she just has this amazing personality. I am so glad to have someone to count on.

We went to this place in downtown called Hydration. I love it. Cute (and delicious!) bento boxes and drinks :) There are so many different types of drinks to choose from... and they're all so good! I love their hot almond milk tea and hot green milk tea. And their cold drinks? I haven't tried them all yet, but of the 10 or so I have had, they did not failed my taste buds!

Other than my boring 2 hour and 15 minute history class I had this morning, my day was great :) I have a feeling this will be a fantastic weekend :)

What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. Happy Almost Birthday!

    This weekend I should be getting some supplies to make a new backdrop for my blog pictures, so I'll put that together. And my old school (I'm homeschooled now) is having a fair, so I may stop by that...

  2. Thank you, Lainey! How's being home-schooled? That's why you have so much time to blog! :)

  3. Hi Emmy,
    Sorry, I didn't realize you answered my comment :P Homeschooling is... interesting. The nice thing about is that I can work at my own pace (since I have migraines, that's good) and of course I have more time to blog and play with makeup. I do miss being in "real" school though, since I don't see my friends as much.

    What can I say? Sometimes it's good, sometimes it bores the heck out of me haha! At least I get to go to school in my PJs!


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