Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Than Four

For four years, I have loved you, secretly 
Stealing glances at your lovely smile. Four 
Years have I had my heart pounding like the rain, 
Secretly wishing you were mine and
Secretly planning my way to your heart.

Every night, I prayed to God you would fall 
In love with me. Or at the very least, 
Look my way. Every night, I recite the 
Speech I put together, confessing my 
Hidden feelings for you. And every night, 
I wonder why I couldn't find the words

As I stood close by. After those four years, 
I moved two thousand miles away, heartbroken 
To never see you again and even
More heartbroken to know you'll never know. 
How could a boy like me be so shy? Why
Would a girl like you notice me anyway?

I indulged myself in the waters; the 
waves slowly washed my feelings away, but 
Never completely. Then, I fell in love.
Though she was not perfect, I always hoped 
she was the one. I soon realized she
did not deserve what I gave her and your

Image ran through my mind, lingering behind 
Every thought. The truth is, she was never 
The one. It was you all along. You became 

The air I breathe and my new hope for love. 
You became a part of me. Together, 
We will laugh and cry. Together, we will
Promise to love each other 'till death do 
Us part. Let my voice guide you on rough days.
Let my hand guide you when you are lost. Let
Me love you for eternity and more. 

This is a true story. I am the girl the speaker (my boyfriend) was and is still in love with. I wrote this poem for my creative writing class and the challenge was to take on my boyfriend's perspective. I really had no idea someone could like me for so long... and keep it a secret! He told me after we started dating after a while and it just melted my heart. Secret admirers are the cutest. I just didn't think it would happen to me! And that is my inspiration behind this poem :)

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