Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pizza, Sandwiches, and Pho

I have been craving for good pizza for months now. Yes, I had a slice last week. But I'm talking about a whole pizza here! I want to pull the melting cheese apart, to eat the crust and then decide halfway that I don't want any more. I want to pick off the veggies that fell off in the box and eat them before someone else gets to it. I want to wipe my mouth with a napkin and glance down at the oil stains (gross, I know).

I want pizzaaaaaa.

My other food cravings? Sandwiches and pho! And I'm not talking about Subway sandwiches. I'm talking about going to a fancy restaurant and paying a ridiculous price for a delicious sandwich. Okay, maybe not. I did have one sandwich I will probably remember for a while. It was in San Carlos, earlier this year. The place was actually a cafe in the library! But everything was made fresh (sandwiches, drinks, etc) and there were tons of snacks to choose from. I paid about $7 for a small sandwich, but it was probably one of the best I've ever had. Maybe it was the sauce. I stared at the green, watery sauce while I ate the first half. Then I dipped my second half into the tiny container and took a bite. Why didn't I try this with my first half?! Good stuff. One day, I will revisit that cafe once again and purchase everything that catches my eye. And then I'll cry because almost everything is overpriced, yet so good!

Pho, mmmm. My favoritefavoritefavorite noodle soups in the whole wide world! Everything about it is just delicious to the max. I think the best pho I've had is in Elk Grove. The modern pho restuarant, Pho Le, was introduced to me by my boyfriend :) It's our go-to when we're driving around in Elk Grove. Great food, great price, great location (movie theaters in same shopping center!).

 I'm just going to say that I'm always hungry. Have a good rest of the weekend!


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