Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Today is also my good friend Sue's birthday! She has taught me so many things about life, friendships, makeup, fashion, you name it.

Anyways, the bulk of this post will be updates with my life since I didn't get to post much for the past week. Last Friday, I had a midterm in my Asian American Studies class and right after that, I took the train back home to spend the weekend with my boyfriend at his uncle's house. We ate sushi, Taco Bell, pho, In-n-Out, and McDonalds. I know, all fast foods. But I don't get any of that where I live! My apartment in San Jose is located in the residential area and the closest fast food place is 0.6 miles away. Not bad, but without a car, walking that far in this hot/cold weather for one hamburger just isn't worth it anymore.

Here in San Jose, it's starting to cool down. We do still have the occasional hot weather. Time for scarves and boots! If only I have the time to go back to my house and dig through my clothes for my scarves. Yes, I did spend my weekend in my hometown, but I did not go home! It was a secret getaway with my boyfriend ;)

Two Saturdays ago, I got mild food poisoning, unfortunately. It didn't last very long, but it was TERRIBLE. I was home alone and didn't know what was happening or what I should do, so I just sat in the living room until one of my roommates came back. In fact, I didn't even know it was food poisoning since I never had it before. I've always been careful about what I eat and now I'm even more careful. Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and the majority was vegetables! I did buy meat (I think that was what made me sick), but only a little bit.

Then I went home and made pasta. Pasta (corkscrews), pasta sauce, ground beef, spinach, salt and pepper. Easy, cheap, and filling. I wish I added white mushrooms, but they weren't on sale :(

Next topic... The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Yesterday, there was an update in my newest iPod game addiction. A Halloween update! It will end on October 31 (obviously), but totally worth it :) There are zombies to be squished, treats to be collected, and toilet paper and eggs to throw (at your friend's houses!). I can only imagine the Christmas update! I loved watching The Simpsons since when I was little. It was one of those things my brother and I enjoyed doing together, even though he was in the stage of "ew, girls." Of course that's changed, now that I'm in college and see him about once a month or so. We always looked forward to new Halloween and Christmas episodes; they never let us down. I wish I had a TV here in my apartment so I can watch it this year :(

It has been a while since I've written a long post. Enjoy!

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