Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

I would post up pictures of my bedbug bites, but... I don't think anyone wants to see that :P I mean, I have those pictures sitting around on my iPod Touch... just kidding. A few weeks ago, I started to notice little red bumps on my arms and legs. Some were itchy, some were bigger than others. Then, on my birthday, my roommate caught a bug hanging out on my boxspring. We Googled a picture of a bedbug and our capture matched the picture perfectly...

And this is where it began.

I was terrified because bedbugs are extremely hard to get rid of. It might even be impossible. There are sprays and things you can buy, but I don't think they are as effective as an exterminator. So, I called the landlord and he told me that the apartment complex I live in have never had bedbugs before. We already have numerous problems with the apartment. Broken fridge, broken window, cockroaches, flying insects squeezing through the bathroom window, extremely filthy carpet, and now, bedbugs. My roommates and I had just about enough with it. We pay $1450 a month for a crappy apartment. With that much money, we could have found a better place (but that's a whole different story). We decided that the landlord might be taking advantage of us from the start and we brought in a lawyer in the situation. This TERRIFIED him and he offered to fix everything, for free :)

Today, the exterminator came. I got the notification less than two hours before he actually came (another fault made by the landlord...), but it was fine. Barely enough time to pack everything and cover things with plastic. Then we were to stay outside of the apartment for about three hours. I was with one of my roommates, Sara, the whole time.

We ate went to Johnny Rockets because we were starving after all that packing! It was like moving out of the apartment :P I ordered The Original (my favorite hamburger on the menu) and Sara got the BLT sandwich.

After stuffing ourselves, we went to the Post Office and I was very disappointed with the lady's rude service. We walked back towards campus and shopped around at Walgreens and Ross. There were lip glosses at $1.59, but I didn't find a shade I really liked. We ended up walking out of Walgreens with nothing. I bought a couple things at Ross. I found these mattress covers that cover the whole mattress and has a zipper. I bought two, one for my boxspring and one for my mattress. Even though we got our apartment sprayed, I still want to be extra careful.

After shopping, Sara suggested we go to the library to kill another hour's worth of time. She bought a book from the used bookstore and I checked a book out. We sat in the children's section and then got kicked out because we didn't have a kid with us :P We decided to just go back home because we had nothing else to do. When we opened the door, we smelled the chemicals and it made my head hurt a little bit, but we made sure all the windows were open all the way. Then we preceded to unpack and organized everything.

What a crazy Thursday!

I bought something similar to this:

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  1. Yikes. Cockroaches scare me like nothing else on earth. I'm the type of person who can watch a dozen horror movies without flinching, then scream like a banshee if I see a roach...

    I love my exterminator. Without him, I would lock myself in a room with a can of Bengel and never come out. Haha.


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