Monday, December 10, 2012

Goodbye Fall Semester!

Today is my last day of classes! My first class (at 9 AM) got cancelled because our professor has jury duty and so, I will start school at 12 PM today :) My weekend had been a little rough. Everything I ate made my stomach hurt :( I'm getting better, but I'm still scared to eat. I have no clue what it is. I haven't done anything different, really. All I did was wait it out. It went away after about 2 days. I tried to research online what it could be, but there's so many different stomach problems! I do hope this won't turn into anything serious.

In the meantime, we're looking for a new apartment! I know, our lease is 1 year, but we've been through so much... broken fridge, cockroaches, bed bugs, broken window, some unknown kind of bug, etc. We feel that our landlord owes us because he didn't really take care of these problems. My roommates and I had to deal with them on our own. Four little girls with no fridge and bugs everywhere? It's beyond scary. We did learn from this experience and know what to expect, but it shouldn't have been this way.

Rule #1: If you want to be a landlord, do your very best because someone's home can be awesome or hell. Someone's comfort and safety is in your hands. Nobody wants to come home depressed every day because of bug problems.

Speaking of rules... let's move on to self-promoters. I support and allow self-promoting, which is posting your link on another site in hopes to bring in more readers and followers. In fact, I leave my url on other blogs sometimes when I comment. However, there are rules. Here's a few I came up with:

Rule #1: Be respectful and considerate. Always reread your comments and messages. If you are going to leave your link and name, make sure you are respectful and considerate. Some people are more sensitive about this issue and you could eventually deal with anger, pain, and a hurt reputation.

Rule #2: If I can see you have an inappropriate url, I will not publish it on my blog. This is not about being sensitive, it's about keeping my blog a safe environment for my readers. I mean, does it look like my blog needs something rated-X on it? I think not.

Rule #3: Do not spam. Nobody likes spammers. Sure, self-promote yourself maybe once a day on one website or blog, but any more than that can irritate the authors/ owners.

Please keep in mind that I do moderate comments. If I find a comment that breaks any of the above rules, I will not publish them. I want to keep my blog a safe, welcoming environment. I believe one of the biggest responsibilities of a blogger is to think of their readers first.

Let's end with a kitty picture, shall we? :)


  1. Awww, look at the cute kitty!! I think my heart just melted :)

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  3. Thank you both for your comments :)


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