Friday, December 28, 2012

Upcoming Week

Hey guys! Tomorrow, I am taking the train to my cousin's place :) She's the one with the baby and I will be helping out for one whole week. My cousin Maggie is about to start working again and needs all the help she can get :)

I'm going to put product reviews on hold. Instead, I'll probably be talking about random happenings in San Mateo.

Anyways, have you guys tried tea candy?! I normally don't like hard candies, but this is an exception!

I bought the Green Tea Latte (middle) for $1.89, which is a good deal since you get 40 pieces. There were lots of green tea varieties at the Filipino market. The brand is "Bali's Best." I don't think I've ever seen these around before... so I'm not sure where else sells these yummy drops :( However, I did find it on eBay :P

Have a good day :)


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