Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: L'oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Cream Cleanser

Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing this L'oreal cleanser, but don't think I love it just because I'm almost done with the bottle! When the "Scrublet" line came out, I wanted to try it so bad, but I waited because 1) I wasn't out of a cleanser yet and 2) I like sales! One day, while I was looking around at CVS, I saw this cleanser and it was on sale for about $2 or $3! I decided to buy it because it was so cheap. I was a little disappointed because the other "Scrublet" products weren't on sale :( I bought this a while ago and I finally decided to use it. 

What is a "Scrublet"? 

A "Scrublet" is the little facial scrubber the product comes with (L'oreal came up with the name). Since I bought the "Deep Cream Cleanser," my "Scrublet" is pink. It pops right out and after wetting it a little, you put a dime-sized bit of product on there. Then you cleanse your face in a circular motion

What do I think about this product?
  • I use this cleanser in the morning because I find that it doesn't cleanse my face too well. If I use it at night with a makeup or oily face, I don't feel as clean. That's why I use my Morning Burst! ;)
  • The "Scrublet" is soft and flexible, but BEWARE if you have a big pimple. Sometimes the "Scrublet" pops my pimple for me and I'm left with a bloody face :( If you have a pimple, try using the cleanser with your fingertips instead.
  • It contains salicylic acid, but for me, it has done nothing to combat my acne.  
  • It's a gentle cleanser that leaves a tingly, refreshing feeling. 
  • Lathers easily with a little bit of water. I like to wet my face and the "Scrublet" just a little bit. If there's not enough water, it will feel too dry and will not lather.
In conclusion, I am just trying to use the bottle up. It cleans somewhat effectively, but I can still feel a little bit of oil left on my skin sometimes. It does nothing for my acne, even though it has salicylic acid as an ingredient. I will not purchase this product again because there is nothing special about it. However, I might try the other "Scrublet" products. I know they have a gel cleanser (in a green bottle, I think) and I happen to like gel cleansers :)


  1. I tried this a few years ago, and it broke me out really badly :-(. I did really like the scrublet, though. I'm actually thinking about buying another scrublet from Sephora (they sell very similar ones for $5, and I feel like they're a bit softer than this one). :D

    Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever you celebrate!

    xx Lainey :)

    1. Aw, sorry. Yeah, I've seen the brushes at Sephora. Do you think they're too harsh because the bristles are denser?

      Thanks Lainey! You too :)

    2. Probably, or maybe it's just because the scrublet has really short bristles... I'll have to investigate, hehe.

      Yeah, Sephora sells the little indivual scrublets, but they also have big ones, with a scrublet on one side and a brush on the other. I have the big double sided one, but I can't say I really like it, because the bristles are way to rough, and I feel like it's too much trouble to JUST use the scrublet. Probably should have taken it back :P

      I like it when you review stuff! Your reviews are always so well written and fun to read :D

    3. Oh I've never seen the double sided one, just the round brush with a handle. Maybe it's because I don't really shop at Sephora. I'm waiting until I'm rich, hehe :P

      Aw, thanks so much Lainey! I have more products at home, so I'll probably be reviewing more :) I try to not bring too much stuff to my apartment. Too much of a hassle :P

    4. Yeah, I honestly don't shop at Sephora that often either. Really just when I have coupons :) I think I've only reviewed 4 high-end products on my blog, so one of my New Year's Resolutions is to do more of those.

      Ha, I know how you feel! For me, just carrying products to my photo setup (literally 3 feet away)is a hassle- 'cuz you know, I'm a very lazy person by nature, hehe.

    5. Oooh, you should. You don't even need to buy the whole product. If you have samples of the expensive stuff, you can review those too!

    6. Okay, I'll definitely do that! :D I just got the Urban Decay Smoked 24/7 eyeliner set for Christmas, so I'll probably review that sometime this week.

    7. Yay, I'm looking forward for that :)

  2. I wanted to get this when it first came out but never did. Thanks for the review.

    I have tried both the scrublet and the double sided brush from Sephora. I much prefer the smaller scrublet over the brush. While the scrublet side of the brush seemed to be the same material as the the small scrublet the surface space was too small and not as flexible so I found it to be a bit harsher. I really liked the scrublet and used it daily until I figured it was getting too old to use anymore and tossed it.

    I just started following your blog and would love for you to check mine out and follow back!


    1. Thanks for the input and follow, Deana! I will check out your blog right away!

      I do like the scrublet, but the cleanser formula just isn't for me :(



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