Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Yes, the internet works! It only took exactly one week. Seriously, right to the minute. Now I can proceed with my plans! Last Wednesday while I was sitting at the library, I planned out a few blog posts. This includes a wishlist for Christmas and ways to save money during holiday season. I will create separate posts for those two probably later tonight or tomorrow. I don't think I've ever created a Christmas wishlist before. My family doesn't really celebrate it, but I wish we did. I want the full experience: setting up the tree, climbing up an unreliable ladder to put up lights, wearing ugly reindeer sweaters, and having a Christmas dinner!

When the internet started working about an hour ago, my roommate went to do her usual things: check email and read the news. She suddenly exclaimed (exclaiming is not in her nature, lol) and commanded I go on Yahoo.com to read an article because it was cute. And it was! A boy wrote a girl a love letter in the sixth grade and twenty-years later... they get married! You can read the article here. How sweet is that?! If only Jon and I went to the same elementary school... no, just kidding!

Jon actually went to the same elementary school as my cousin did. My cousin is the same age as me and Jon. She and I were basically best friends when we were younger and she told me about everyone at her school. So that's how I knew Jon existed. Come middle school, all three of us actually went to the same one. Apparently, I had three classes with Jon (we found this out recently when we thought about our class schedules!). But that's not the cute part (hehehe). Jon has had a crush on me since the first day of seventh grade. It's almost as cute as the article, right? Ha! Well, I think it's the cutest thing ever. I had a secret admirer for years and I had no clue! We are now second-years in college, so that makes it... eight years. Huh. That's a really long time...

Have a great day! :) My giveaway is still going on until December 15th!

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  1. Can't wait to read the money-saving post! What finally fixed the internet?

    BTW, the mascara review you requested *just* went up (literally 5 minutes ago!). Hope you like it!

  2. Thank you Lainey! We replaced the modem and then we struggled a little to activate it, but it finally worked! :D


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