Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tips to Save Money During the Holidays

Hey guys! I promised to make a post about saving money this season. Who doesn't need to save money during Christmas?! There's presents, Christmas trees and decorations, and food! Here are some great tips I've learned over the years (I'll probably edit this tomorrow or add some more):

1. Bring cash: If you bring cash, you basically have a physical budget. That way you won't overspend with a credit card. This is one of the easiest trick to saving money!

2. Make a shopping list: Bring a pen to check off items on your list. At the end of the day, reward yourself with hot cocoa if you bought things only on the list. This allows you to buy only what you need.

3. Shop alone: This might not seem too appealing, but shopping with a friend can make you feel pressured! Often times, friends make suggestions which are hard to say no to. Sound familiar? And what about taking your time in particular store because your friend wants to try on a million things? Shopping alone will not only keep the pressure away, you will be able to zoom through stores and finish shopping in no time :)

4. Sign up for coupons: Got an email account you don't really use? Dedicate it to email coupons from stores like Bath and Body Works, Macy's, and more. You can usually sign up for these on the homepage of the store's website. I've gotten free lip gloss from Bath and Body and free undies from Victoria Secret before! Don't feel like printing out coupons? Most stores will still accept the coupons if you show it to them on your phone.

5. Use reward cards: American Eagle and Sephora have reward cards which allows for discounts or freebies after reaching a certain amount of points. I know, it's hard to reach that goal! And to reach it, you must buy more! But just remember to swipe your reward cards every time you shop - watch those points rack up as you shop for your friends and family. And maybe, you'll be able to get yourself a little something with those rewards! ;)

6. Make it yourself: Handmade gifts are much more meaningful. A few ideas are: cookies in a glass jar (tied with a ribbon!), coupon books for your boyfriend or girlfriend, knitted/ crocheted scarves (or mittens and socks if you're good!), and jewelry! I really like the cookie in a jar idea; it's also really cute to make hot cocoa mix. To do that, fill a glass jar halfway with cocoa powder and fill the rest of the jar with marshmallows! You can add cinnamon, wafer sticks, etc.

7. Try to buy everything in one day: Dedicate one day to buy everything on your shopping list to save on gas and time. Also, this will prevent you from adding on to your shopping list! ;) That would be considered cheating!

8. Save receipts: Keep these instead of throwing them away. What if you bought a shirt in the wrong size? Or what if you accidentally bought too many glass jars for your cookies? Return them! Yes, that means waiting in line for half an hour because it is holiday season, but hey. You can save a lot of money that way!

I hope this list will do its part and save you money this year :) I honestly sat down in the library and wrote these tips down, so please credit me if you wish to share!

Happy shopping (and saving!) <3

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