Sunday, December 2, 2012

Unproductive Weekend

The Comcast guy finally came and fixed our internet, but it stopped working again when he left. He didn't exactly explain the problem either... so I guess we're stuck sitting by our front door, hoping to get good connection from our friend's internet upstairs. This past weekend has been rainy nonstop and I didn't get any homework done; I laid in bed most of the time playing Plants Vs. Zombies. And one of my roommates got me ice cream! Mint with Oreos! Yeah, a little crazy to be eating ice cream in this weather, but it's mint! My other two favorite ice cream flavors are vanilla and green tea. Yum.

On another note, my boyfriend and I got into a little fight. We don't normally fight. It's usually little disagreements here and there, and me just being cranky. I guess I can say the fight we just had was our biggest. It's hard to actually fight with my boyfriend since we are 119 miles apart. I told him I wanted a break last night and I barely slept because I was crying, etc. We eventually did talk things out this afternoon and we shall see if the problem will be resolved or not :)

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Oh, I almost forgot: I'm supposed to upload pictures with all my blog posts! I found an adorable kitty picture on tumblr today:

I am such a cat person, hehe! Source


  1. Sorry y'all's internet is still out... Have you tried resetting the modem? Sometimes that can fix it. It scrambles the connection for a while, but it should work normally after a day or two.

    Awe, hope you and Jon patch things up soon :-)

  2. We've tried everything! :( It's been a week :( I miss using my laptop in my comfy bed </3

    Aw, thanks! Things are good now, but I can't focus on him too much because it's almost finals! Do you have finals for homeschooling?

  3. Thankfully, no finals! Last year, I did SATs for the end of the year, but it was just to see where I was. It's not mandatory. Good luck!


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